Richard Rivera

Lead Consultant

Richard Rivera


June 3, 2013

Richard Rivera


Richard Rivera is president of RR Consulting & Associates, an organizational consulting firm, with seventeen years of experience, specializing in organizational change/transformation, strategic planning and human resource training for nonprofit, healthcare, and government organizations. Mr. Rivera’s expertise includes specialized services around executive coaching, strategic planning, board development, leadership development, resource development, and organizational assessments.

Richard has extensive experience with serving social justice organizations. Highlighted below are several examples:

  • The NYC Environmental Justice Alliance: Completed a strategic plan for this membership organization; coaching on leadership transition and assisted with member agency collaboration.
  • El Puente: Facilitated a series of board/staff retreats aimed at revisiting and refining its social justice/human rights principles and assisted with building a national youth social justice agenda.
  • Dominican Women’s Development Center: Provided technical assistance with the creation of a fund development plan and provided board development training and executive coaching.
  • Urban Justice Center (Community Development Project): Provided technical assistance to law staff with the development of a strategy to address infrastructure, resource development and program design issues.

Richard also served as a lead consultant for a NYC city-wide social justice retreat sponsored by the Hispanic Federation.

Mr. Rivera received his M.S.W. degree from Columbia University, School of Social Work. Richard currently serves as the Lead Facilitator/Consultant for the Baruch Graduate School Of Public Affairs, Nonprofit Hispanic Leadership Institute and for its Executive Programs. Richard has also served as coach facilitator for Columbia University’s Nonprofit Manager Course. As a member of the Drucker Foundation’s Organizational Assessment Tool team, Richard conducts presentations to boards and executive leaders across the nation. Richard is married twenty years to his wife Mary and has three children and two grandchildren.

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