Four Freedom Fund’s Response to Harsh Enforcement Initiative

Achieving social change and inclusion.

FFF’s Response to Harsh Enforcement initiative is grounded in the commitment and belief that the immigrant rights movement needs a strong, effective, and diverse spectrum of organizations challenging harsh enforcement in order to achieve its goals of social change and inclusion.

The Center for Nonprofit Leadership will conduct an organizational assessment of FFF’s grantees working within the immigration enforcement reform field. The assessment, which will be available online, will encourage organizations to think expansively about what they wish to achieve and the challenges they may encounter. All results are confidential.

The findings from the assessment will inform a convening in early December. At the convening, participants will come together, discuss the aggregate results of the assessment, brainstorm collaborative opportunities to work on similar challenges and prioritize what additional resources and support that would be most useful in strengthening their organizations or programs.


June Organizational Assessment
July – September Meeting with consultants
October/November Aggregate results of the assessment
Early December Convening