Strategic Planning

Anticipate and respond to changes and move forward successfully.

We believe that strategic planning is the best way to address an array of challenges brought about by a changing environment. A successful strategic planning process examines and makes informed projections about both the internal and external realities to help an organization anticipate and respond to changes and move forward successfully. Strategic planning accomplishes this by re-examining mission, clarifying vision, articulating intended impact, analyzing spending and potentially re-shaping many aspects of the organization, including its internal structure, programs and fundraising.

Our approach to strategic planning begins with the impact that an organization wants to have on the community that it serves. In an era of declining resources, organizations must clarify their intended impact. What is success? The plan then outlines a strategy for reaching that goal.

Strategic plans provide organizational focus and clarity. They look to the future and offer structure to move forward. They also provide other benefits:

  • Increase commitment to the organization and its goals
  • Communicate organizational stability to the community
  • Provide a foundation for fundraising, board development and marketing
  • Create a way to measure success

If your organization has never embarked on a strategic planning process, it could be one of the best and most important decisions that the organization has ever made.


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